Yabbu is the remote working tool that improves results by cancelling the meeting

The benefits of remote working with Yabbu

1. Get rid of your meeting

Yabbu enables teams to make decisions, monitor progress, and discuss topics without having a face-to-face meeting (in person or by means of a videoconference). Someone in Paris may contribute while his colleague in Tokyo is sleeping. Participants work remotely and contribute at a time of their choosing.

2. Make better and faster decisions!

Organisations move as fast as they are able to make decisions. Hence, accelerating the decison making process is key. Yabbu helps your team to make decisions within 24 hours, about the time it would normally take to sync calendars for a face-to-face meeting.

3. Create strong documentation

Yabbu informs you when participants add new comments and guides you through the contents. The minutes are generated automatically, comprising all interaction between participants, resulting in the strongest documentation possible.

Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone: you decide.

Any place, any time, any device! Yabbu adjusts to your screen.


  • Pay per user for SMEs
    6 euro/month


  • <150 users
    900 euro/month
  • 150-200 users
    1.300 euro/month
  • >250 users
    1.300 euro/month + 2 euro/month for each additional user
  • >1000 users
    on request


  • One-off teams
    250 euro (up to 20 people)
    Including a workshop "Meetings that don't suck"
  • Corporates
    490 euro/month
    Introduction to 3 new teams each month + mail and phone support (from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT+1)